Concealed Carry

  1. Join the Belly Band Groupies

    Join the Belly Band Groupies

    How do you conceal carry without a belt? A belly band is a versatile option.   As much as we all love a good IWB or OWB for everyday carry, sometimes those two options aren’t the best or just aren’t practical for the situation. What do you do then? Not carry a gun and leave yourself vulnerable? Thankfully, that choice...
  2. The Hottest Compact Handguns to Carry Concealed

    The Hottest Compact Handguns to Carry Concealed

    Picking a carry gun is very personal. Here are a few popular options to help narrow your search.   There are hundreds of compact handguns produced every day, so how do you choose the one that’s right for you? As the firearms industry has grown, manufacturers have become more innovative and listened to feedback from consumers to make pistols that...
  3. Practice These Unconventional Concealed Carry Skills

    Practice These Unconventional Concealed Carry Skills

    These skills can be the difference between winning and losing a gunfight.   When we think of practicing with a gun, often what comes to mind is grabbing some ammo, heading to the range, and shooting at a paper target. This is a valuable skill, one that is fundamental to good marksmanship, but it is only one portion of the...
  4. NEW Taurus GX4 Review

    NEW Taurus GX4 Review

    Taurus has entered the bullish high-capacity compact concealed market.   The high-capacity subcompact market just got a little bigger with the introduction of the brand-new Taurus GX4 9mm. With two 11-round magazines included, the diminutive-framed GX4 is clearly aimed at the Sig P365, Springfield Hellcat (original and RDP), and Smith & Wesson Shield PLUS as its biggest competitors. Ever since...
  5. The Holosun 507K - The SIG P365's Best Red Dot

    The Holosun 507K - The SIG P365's Best Red Dot

    It's almost like they were born to be together.   The SIG P365 is easily the most influential firearm built in the last decade. This micro-compact 9mm found a way to shove double-stack capacity into a gun the size of a single stack. SIG has since innovated and pushed the firearm forward, and the P365 XL model came complete with...
  6. Exert Your Eye Dominance!

    Exert Your Eye Dominance!

    Improve your aim and awareness by using both eyes.   Unless you are one of those rare people who is ambidextrous (less than 1% of the world’s population truly is), chances are you have a dominant hand. Most of us are righthanded, but about 15% of the world is left-handed. Whichever hand you use, you also have a dominant eye...

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