5 Videos You Can Watch Today To Be A Better Concealed Carrier

If you spend any time in the gun world and on the internet, you know that Youtube is a bastion of awesome, free firearms content. There’s a lot to watch, but today we are focusing on videos that can make you a better-concealed carrier. As much as I love gun reviews and historical firearms, those videos don’t help me become a better gunslinger, but here are five that will.

What Do I Conceal Carry? Basics of Conceal Carry  – GarandThumb 

At over 20 minutes long, this is one of the longer videos on this list. I tried to aim for short, efficient videos, but the information GarandThumb presents is spot on and accurate, and even though the video’s long, the information is efficient. GT goes over a ton of information throughout this video and lays down the logic on firearm selection, ammo selection, belts, magazines, holsters, and more. 

The video is presented very professionally with clear visuals and great audio. This video doesn’t go into tactics or techniques but provides a high-level overview of the basics of concealed carry. This video isn’t the end all be all but is a great reference point for the information you are seeking. A new concealed carrier might not know the importance of a belt, but after this video, they’ll learn its importance and can start that deep dive of research. 

Handgun Recoil Control – Sage Dynamics 

Aaron Cowan at Sage Dynamics hosts the most underrated, most informative channel in the gunosphere. His content is top-notch and explained in a manner that’s easy to understand. Aaron is obviously a high-level instructor and firearm user, and it shows, yet he still finds ways to break down his content into easily digestible bits and explain from the ground up how something works and its consistent throughout his videos. 

In this recoil control video, Aaron goes through the process of explaining how to control recoil, why you should control recoil, and then shows you what happens when you do or don’t control recoil. It’s easy to follow, and the concepts are easy to put into play. 

Tim Kennedy Teaches Fundamentals of Situational Awareness – Sheepdog Response 

This video comes from a portion of the Sheepdog Response class Tim taught in Las Vegas. He focuses on teaching real-world tactics regarding situational awareness. It all takes place in the parking lot of a Walmart, and he walks students through how to establish good situational awareness and how to use that information. 

While the videos focused almost entirely on SA, you might learn a thing or two about OPSEC along the way. This video is a great peek into Tim’s class and has plenty of useable content from beginning to end. 

How to Choose Self-Defense Ammo for Concealed Carry – Lucky Gunner 

If you don’t know, Lucky Gunner is a massive ammo seller that carries a bit of everything ammo-related. Their blog and Youtube videos also push out some awesome content on the subjects of firearms, specifically ammunition. Who else would we trust when it comes time to purchase your defensive ammo. Defensive ammo should be a top priority in your concealed carry setup. 

In less than 10 minutes, you get a defensive ammo education from Chris Baker of Lucky Gunner. The content is brilliant and a worthwhile watch for those of you with ammo questions. The info here is spot on and provides you with a good bit of information to make a very important ammo purchase. 

How to Grip A Pistol – The How and Why – WarriorPoetSociety 

John at WPS goes over the basics of how to grip your gun. In six short minutes, you’ll see why a good grip matters and how to achieve it. John teaches in a fairly efficient way by heavily demonstrating what a bad grip looks like and why it’s bad. I’m the type that needs to understand why something is bad and why it doesn’t work. Telling me, it’s bad just makes me want to know why. 

This is one of many videos on Youtube talking about how to establish a grip, and plenty of them are great. However, this John’s video shows you very clearly how to achieve a grip and what happens if you don’t. John’s a great instructor, and it shows you through his ability to make concepts easy to understand for cavemen like. 

Videos, Training, and Youtube 

Sadly Youtube doesn’t have the best attitude around guns, yet they still host million of hours of valuable content from the firearms realm. We might as well take advantage of all these free videos. If you enjoy a creator’s content, consider donating to their Patron or Subscribestar so those content creators can keep creating. 

While you’re here, take a peek at Crossbreed’s new Rogue holster system, it’s been my go-to for summer carry. 


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