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Bedside Backup

Bedside Backup (Assembly Only) BBAO

Bedside Backup (Assembly Only)

Assembly Only. All Modular Holsters and Modular Mag carriers can be used on the Bedside Backup Assembly. Our unique design ... read more
Bedside Backup BB

Bedside Backup

The Bedside Backup is an essential piece of equipment in keeping your home secure. Our unique design offers a modular and sec ... read more
CrossBreed® Holsters Gift Card GIFT

CrossBreed® Holsters Gift Card

Give the gift of safety and security, give a CrossBreed® Gift card to your favorite gun enthusiast. Redeemable for any pr ... read more
Extra Velcro EV

Velcro® Brand Fastener

Have you ordered a Bedside Backup, Ohai or Last Ditch holster? Or maybe you use our popular Velcro®Clips with your IWB Ho ... read more
Gift Card & Tee GCTee

Gift Card & Tee

Gift cards are emailed to the "E-mail To" address immediately upon purchase. If you do not want your friend or family member ... read more