Ray Holes Dri-Boot

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Ray Holes Dri-Boot

Ray Holes Dri-Boot uses all-natural beeswax for waterproofing for leathers exposed to foul weather and hard service. Use on holsters, saddles, boots leather gloves or all other leather goods. Dri-Boot has been used for over 80 years by cowboys, loggers, outdoors-men and motorcyclists who depend on their leather footwear and equipment to repel water in the most adverse of weather conditions. It seals leather from rain, snow, humidity and barnyard elements.

This all natural, non-toxic formula contains NO salts or modern chemicals which break down leathers and can be applied over Saddle Butter. Dri-Boot last longer than grease or mink oil and can be applied repeatedly without causing leathers to become spongy or stretch out of shape.

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