Nylon Cobra Belt

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Nylon Cobra Belt

The All New CrossBreed Holsters Cobra Nylon Belt is one of the strongest Nylon Belts on the market so carrying your full size 1911 to your Glock 43X will be just like using an all leather gun belt from CrossBreed Holsters you have come to trust.

The Cobra Nylon Belt features two layers of 1 1/2-inch nylon to hold up to the abuse of your everyday concealed carry needs. The Cobra buckle is a 1 1/2- inch slim buckle that will withstand any abuse you throw at it. From mountain climbing to walking the streets in a crowded city, feel safe knowing your all new CrossBreed Holsters Cobra Nylon Belt will keep your EDC rig secured and in place.

**The Cobra Nylon Belt By CrossBreed does not come with a lifetime warranty**


  • (34" - 38") - Small
  • (39" - 43") - Medium
  • (44" - 48") - Large
  • (49" - 53") - XL
  • (54" - 58") - 2XL
56"" x 1.5" x "
0.4375 lbs