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  1. The Stealthy Draw - Why and How It's Important

    The Stealthy Draw - Why and How It's Important

    In the world of concealed carry, you'll hear a lot about drawing. Drawing is the act of removing your firearm from the holster and getting it on target. For concealed carry and defensive shooting, being able to safely, competently, and even swiftly draw your firearm can be an unbeatable skill. Drawing sounds simple but requires some serious practice to become...
  2. The Classic FN M1922

    The Classic FN M1922

    A look back at the descendant of the gun that started World War I. Carry guns have come and gone, and they’ve changed quite a bit throughout history. I mean, compared something like the P365 to the early ‘Shopkeeper’ designs on single-action revolvers. Times, tactics, clothing, and more change, and guns, holsters, and carry methods change. Today we are taking...
  3. Seven Tactical Myths Debunked

    Seven Tactical Myths Debunked

    Today we are going to tackle the world of tactical myths. It's sad how many myths exist and how destructive they can be. Many pose as advice but can be downright dangerous. Since these myths show up so often, I've decided to target some of the more dangerous ones out there and thoroughly debunk the B.S. Lights Give Away Your...
  4. The Reload - How, When, and Why You Should Carry One

    The Reload - How, When, and Why You Should Carry One

    Carrying a spare magazine can mean the difference between life or death in a gunfight. Since concealed carry went mainstream, we've seen an explosion in holsters, and tagging along right behind holsters has been mag pouches. Heck, the current trend sees a mag pouch tied to your holster, like the Reckoning or the brand new Rogue, have the ability to...
  5. Springfield Hellcat Goes Pro

    Springfield Hellcat Goes Pro

    The higher-capacity concealed pistol market competition just got thicker with Springfield Armory’s latest upgrade to their Hellcat line, the Hellcat Pro. Rank amateurs need not apply. Over the past few years, I’ve had the privilege of trying out the entire Hellcat line, along with a few other Springfield pistols, and have had mixed reactions to the offerings. Not all bad...
  6. The Crimson Trace Laserguard - Grip and Rip

    The Crimson Trace Laserguard - Grip and Rip

    If you like a laser on your pistol, the Crimson Trace Laserguard may be a great option. Oh boy, the world of visible lasers is seemingly ruled by a single company known as Crimson Trace. That's hyperbole, kind of. They do rule the market. Other companies make visible lasers for handguns, but Crimson Trace truly dominates. One of their latest...