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ARK Resister Bag (Backordered will ship in 2 weeks)

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ARK Resister Bag (Backordered will ship in 2 weeks)
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Backordered item will ship in 2 weeks. 

The Ark Resister Bag by CrossBreed offers superior electronics protection that significantly exceeds all military requirements for EMP and static discharge resistance including the stringent standards of MIL-PRF-81705. Previously available only to the military to protect high value guided weapon systems, the Ark Resister Bag is now available exclusively through CrossBreed®. Reusable by design with twenty years of proven field use, the Resister Bag can also be used to line a case and serve as a Faraday Cage for sensitive and valuable electronic devices. When heat sealed, the Resister Bag is also waterproof, dustproof, corrosion, and puncture resistant. The Ark Resistor Bag by CrossBreed® is another example of our dedication to American quality and reliability, now offered for your most precious items. 

Bag dimensions: 19.5" x 22"

22" x 19.5" x "
0.25 lbs
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