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ARK Resister Bag

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ARK Resister Bag

The Ark Resister Bag by CrossBreed offers superior electronics protection that significantly exceeds all military requirements for EMP and static discharge resistance including the stringent standards of MIL-PRF-81705. Previously available only to the military to protect high value guided weapon systems, the Ark Resister Bag is now available exclusively through CrossBreed. Reusable by design with twenty years of proven field use, the Resister Bag can also be used to line a case and serve as a Faraday Cage for sensitive and valuable electronic devices. When heat sealed, the Resister Bag is also waterproof, dustproof, corrosion, and puncture resistant. The Ark Resistor Bag by CrossBreed is another example of our dedication to American quality and reliability, now offered for your most precious items.

Bag dimensions: 22" x 19.5"

22" x 19.5" x "
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