Placing a Drop-Ship Order


Copy and paste your URL into a private window, or an incognito window.

It should look something like the picture below.  Directions on how to obtain this information is on the Drop Ship Registration instructions.




Then Log In, which should look like below.




After logging in, find and add the needed items to the cart. Click on the View Cart & Checkout Button




When the next screen comes up, click on the “Expedited Craftsmanship” Button. This will adjust the price, $3/item if orders are placed under the dealer log in.  It will also cause the order to ship faster! (Typically within 2 business days).




Click on Proceed to Checkout, type in necessary shipping address information. If you would like this to go directly to the customer, type their information on this page.  Click NEXT. Click on the payment option you would like to use.  If using a customer credit card, use their information for the billing information.  If using a store credit card, change the information to the appropriate information.  Click on Place order.

You should receive a confirmation screen, with order ID number after this.  If you do not receive this information, please give us a call, 888-732-5011.  We can double check to see if the order went through successfully.  Please let us know that you have a drop ship order you are trying to place on the customer website.