SuperTuck® Deluxe
SuperTuck Deluxe Holsters - Combat Cut with XD
SuperTuck Deluxe Holster
SuperTuck Deluxe Holsters with 229
SuperTuck Deluxe Holsters - Combat Cut
SuperTuck Deluxe Holsters
SuperTuck Deluxe Holsters with Guns
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SuperTuck® Deluxe  

Price $69.75
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Product Summary

Made in the USA


Our most popular holster and THE most comfortable and concealable holster available.

The SuperTuck® is our most popular rig and is adjustable for ride depth AND cant, it's our most stable and comfortable rig and offers the following features as well.

1) All SuperTuck® holsters now come with our new SteelClip clip. Spring steel with a corrosion proof, chip proof coating along with a proprietary design makes our SteelClips the best clip on the market. Bulletproof construction and a decorative design that won't give you away, only from CrossBreed™.

2) 3/4 length full sight channel for clearance with ALL front sights.

3) Premium grade leather for the backing! Available in our Black Cowhide, Tan Premium Hard Rolled Cowhide and our Natural Tan Horsehide when available. You can read more about each individual leather in our frequently asked questions section. If Horsehide is unavailable, we recommend the Premium Hard Rolled Cowhide. This leather is selected, treated, and hard rolled exclusively for CrossBreed® Holsters. This process creates the same comfort and moisture resistant qualities as our horsehide holsters. CrossBreed's® Premium Hard Rolled Cowhide is available in a light tan color and is a great alternative when our horsehide is not available.

4) Steel mounting hardware for the clip attachments.

5) Mounting spacers behind the clips to allow easier tucking.

Retrofit kits are also available for anyone with the older model SuperTuck.

Our SuperTuck® Deluxe is THE most comfortable and concealable holster available, there might be prettier ones, but NONE will out-perform the SuperTuck®!

Each holster fits all barrel lengths of a particular series of firearms. For example, everything from an Officer's to a 5 inch 1911, or a Mini Glock, Compact or full-size Glock.

 United States Patent:  US 8,672,201 B2

Please review our FAQ page for info regarding discounts and other common questions prior to placing an order.

Thank you

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User Reviews -
I carry an M&P compact 9mm and have had my SuperTuck for a year and it is by far the best CCW holster I have ever owned. It has incredible weight distribution, amazing durability, and superior comfort. I just bought two more SuperTuck holsters for my 1911 GI expert and my Glock 19. Excellent product.

Customer Rating By: Mike

I have a Galco SkyOps that I had been using. The SuperTuck has replaced it. By Spreading the weight around, the whole arrangement is much better. Attached to the Crossbreed belt, it's a whole new level of comfort.

Customer Rating By: Jonathan

I just received my supertuck and am extremely pleased. The craftsmanship is excellent. This holster conforms nicely to my body and conceals great. I especially like how i can customize ride depth and cant. Thanks crossbreed

Customer Rating By: Josh

From an LEO customer<br><br>I received my super tuck on Friday, and after three days of wear I just want to say thanks. In my 25 year career in Law Enforcement I have never worn an IWB concealment rig as functional, and comfortable as this. Your ad is right, it is ugly! But what a holster. Thanks and I will be ordering more for the rest of my guns. Keep up the good work.<br>Sincerely,<br>Dxxx, Special Agent<br>Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation

Customer Rating By: D

The SuperTuck Holster is the best concealed-carry holster I've ever seen or used. I've been using it since September 2008. As a covert Federal Law Enforcement Agent I couldn't ask for a better holster. Retention is superior, comfort is superior, concealment is great, and I can still draw my weapon extremely quickly. You guys run a great business and I greatly appreciate it! I've highly recommended your business to my colleagues and co-workers, and you'll continue to get mine as well. Thank you and take care. <br>Adam<br>DHS New York

Customer Rating By: Adam

This is undoubtably the most comfortable, functional holster ever! I use it for my Taurus 1911 and it is a perfect fit, easy draw. I also ordered a set of the J-Hooks to try, but it is just great the way it comes. I would highly recommend it! Thanks for making a great product...and getting it to me in record time!!

Customer Rating By: Bobby
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LIFETIME WARRANTY: Once you receive your holster you have two weeks to try it out, if it doesn't work for you, simply give us a ring and we will buy it back. Even after your two-week-try-it-free period is over, the holster still carries a lifetime warranty and we will repair or replace it as long as you own it if it fails you in any way under normal use.
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