Shooter's Pack Save 15%*
Shooters Pack Save 15%*
Shooters Pack Save 15%*
Shooters Pack Save 15%*
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Shooter's Pack Save 15%*  

Price $152.94
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Product Summary

The Shooters Pack combines some of the most sought after items we sell, packaged together with a 15% discount!*  You get:

1 SuperSlide Holster

1 OWB Mag Carrier

1 Your choice of Instructor's, Gun, or Dress Belt

The SuperSlide 3 slot holster can be worn in one of two positions. Most common is the standard behind the hip with a slight forward cant set-up. This is probably the most common carry position for CCW and off-duty carry as it provides great concealment and easy access to the firearm, while keeping the gun out of the way and in a comfortable location. The second option is a slight reverse cant for cross draw wear. Not as commonly used as other carry positions, cross draw can still be a useful and viable option to have for driving or while seated for long periods of time.

Our OWB mag carrier has been completely redesigned for better concealment and most importantly easier access to the mags. With a cut down backer, forward rake, and more exposed magazine to grasp, reloads are swift and sure. Great retention ensures your mags stay put and a high ride keeps them concealed under a light cover garment. Available for carry of one or two spare mags for all popular firearms.

The Instructor Belt offers a clean, buckle-less design intended for comfort and a sharp, professional appearance. Our "sturdy, but not too stiff" Instructor Belt provides you with even weight distribution of your gear, ensuring stability and comfort. Add the basket weave option, and you have a belt that will look just as good out on the town as it does on the range.  However, if you would prefer the dress or gun belt, just choose it. 

Our belts are made of two layers of top grain cowhide. These two leathers are then stitched together, cross grain from each other, using recessed stitching to provide protection to the stitching from surface abrasions. The finished belt is 1 1/2 inches wide and just under 1/4 inch thick.

The final result is a thick, strong belt offering superior support for the gun and holster while being supple and flexible for comfortable wear. This combo results in TOTAL concealment and very good stability.

To order the correct size, please measure your current belt from the fold over (pivot To order the correct size, please measure the belt you are currently using as follows:


Measure the belt from the fold where the buckle attaches, to the hole that you wear it in. The remainder of the belt is not considered for measurement purposes. 


...include the buckle length in your measurement 

...measure your belt from end to end 

...State your waist size or pant size 

Any of these will result in the wrong measurement. 

belt sizing

IWB Holster Users:

If you are currently carrying an inside the waistband holster with your current belt, you will NOT need to add two inches to that measurement.

If you are not currently carrying an inside the waistband holster, but plan to use your new belt as an IWB carry belt you WILL need to add two inches.

When we make your belt, we will use the measurement you give us to create your belt where the distance will be from the fold where the buckle attaches, to the center hole equals your measurement. For example, if you order a 40” belt, it will measure 40” from the fold where the buckle attaches, to the center hole. CrossBreed™ belts have seven holes in them and are spaced 1” apart.

Shipping on the shooters pack is $14.95.

*Discount applies before added options.

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