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Modular Belly Band

Waist Size Modular Belly Band Size
28" - 34" Small
34" - 42" Medium
42" - 52" Large
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Slide Mounted Electronic Sight (Burris, RMR, Docter)

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Slide Mounted Electronic Sight

The "Slide Mounted Electronic Sight" or as it is more commonly referred to as "Micro Red Dot Sight" is a small electronic sight that is mounted just in front of the rear sights.

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Mag Carrier

* Belly Band Mag Carrier Gun Choices

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Bedside Backup Assembly Only

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Overview & Specs

Modular Belly Band

CrossBreed® Holsters was proud to partner with one of the most recognized trainers in the industry and owner of I.C.E. Firearm Training Services, Rob Pincus, in introducing the first ever Modular Belly Band. Now, CrossBreed® Holsters is proud to announce the second generation of the Modular Belly Band in conjunction with I.C.E. Firearm Training Services and Rob Pincus.

 The redesigned CrossBreed® Holsters Belly Band incorporates an additional length of elastic band that extends over the CrossBreed® Modular Holster. This provides additional support for the holster and firearm. The additional length of band firmly secures smaller firearms while offering the necessary support for wider and heavier firearms.

 The CrossBreed® Holsters Belly Band continues to utilize an elastic band with a CrossBreed® Modular Holster so the user can place the holster in the most comfortable position for their individual body.

In addition to improved support, the CrossBreed® Holsters Belly Band now incorporates a sewn magazine or flashlight pouch and a horizontal Velcro brand enclosed accessory pouch for carrying a cell phone, wallet, or similar items. An optional Modular Magazine Carrier is available to add to the band.



March 22 2017
A gun is always uncomfortable to carry, especially for ccw because you need to conceal it very well: this system has changed my point of view. It has changed the rules of ccw. It allows you to choose every position you like an you feel comfortable. To me appendix carry with the belly band is even more comfortable and easier than OWB because of concealability with tight clothes too. Obviously for sub-compact guns (i.e my glock 26, snubbies...and I'm purchasing one for my summer ppk/s). Only my Gurardian 32 is easier to carry in my pocket, but due to its weight it sometimes tries tu put down my pants...not a nice view! Actually the best feature of the belly band is that it has no weigh on your waists and on your trousers; You can use a good belt to keep it closer to your body and to sustain it and then the job is done. For me it's best carry system in the market! Not able to carry full size gun, while with compact gun Glock 19 is "the limit": bigger and heavier (!) are not recommended (IMHO). Anyway I could not stay without it: just a reference standard, the top, the best.
March 08 2017
I've been looking for a comfortable CCW solution for a long time...and I found it. This CrossBreed Belly Band is, by far, the most comfortable holster I own. It took a minute to find the most comfortable position, but once I found it I was hooked. Two things...Give it a chance. Since everyone is shaped differently, you're going to have to play with location and holster angle. I probably wore this ten times before I got it where I liked it. TWO...this is a CCW holster, so don't expect to put your howitzer in this holster. My Glock 26 is perfect with this solution. Thanks to my CrossBreed Belly Band, I'm carrying more consistently and more confidently. Well done CrossBreed!
Arden, North Carolina
January 27 2017
I don't find any holster comfortable, even the most comfortable one on the market, and if I am not comfortable I am not going to carry for long. Having heard that appendix carry and a belly band are the most comfortable ways to carry I gave it a try by buying a cheap belly band to see if I could carry all day long and be comfortable. It turned out to be so comfortable that after awhile I don't notice it is there. I have a Sig Sauer P938 so maybe since it is a small gun that is the reason but I don't think a larger gun would be all that much different but I don't know. After awhile I thought maybe I could take my holster and attach it to my belly band somehow. Luckily at this point I read about Crossbreed having a belly band with a holster. I was overjoyed when I went online and saw their modular belly band with holster. I was overjoyed also when I saw part of the band goes over the holster to make it even more secure. I just got it today. It is a quality product. If down the line the belt needs replacing I will not feel so bad because it is modular, I will just replace the belly band. If I get another gun I will buy another holster for the belly band. Since my waist size is the borderline of small to medium I had to write them to get their opinion. I wrote them about something else also. I got prompt replies. I am encouraged by a quality product with quality customer service to back it up.

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