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J Hook


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Overview & Specs

J Hook

This clip goes down BEHIND the belt and then hooks up at the bottom preventing the holster from drawing out with the gun. The advantage to this clip is that it is more discreet than the SnapLok and is the best option if you will be wearing BDU, woven-style, canvas or nylon belts. But by putting the weight on the pants instead of the belt, it tends to want to ride down with heavier guns or weaker waistbands.

All clips will accommodate a belt up to 1.75" wide.

The most common option is for folks to order a couple of J-Hooks to go with their SnapLoks. This means you would get both the SnapLoks and J-Hooks and decide which you liked best or mix and match. Order a single clip or the quantity of your choice.


Product Size: 3.75" x 0.00" x 1.00"
Product Weight: 0.8 ounces