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Velcro® Brand Fastener Belt Backing, includes clips (+$17)

V Clips

? V Clips


The V-Clip is intended for very deep concealment needs. This clip has no hook or ear and goes down behind the belt. It is faced with ""hook"" Velcro®and needs a Velcro®backed belt to attach to. This is a very stable clip and also completely invisible behind the belt, the downside is that you must attach some loop Velcro®to the back of a belt or buy a belt with some already on it. We do provide a length of loop Velcro®when you order this style clip, if you would like to use a belt you currently have. We also offer our own belts already equipped with the Velcro®kit which includes the Velcro®backed belt and V-Clips with hardware for use on our IWB holsters.

J Hooks

? J Hooks


The J-Hook clip goes down BEHIND the belt and then hooks up at the bottom preventing the holster from drawing out with the gun. The advantage to this clip is that it is more discreet than the SnapLok, but by putting the weight on the pants instead of the belt, it tends to want to ride down with heavier guns and is not as stable. The most common option is for folks to order a set of J-Hooks to go with their SnapLoks. We make this very easy by this being the default option and a pair of these is only $10.00 if ordered at the time you order your SuperTuck®. This means you would get both the SnapLoks and a pair of J-Hooks and decide which you liked best or mix and match.


Gun Belt

Even the best holster works better when supported by a heavy duty belt designed specifically for carrying a firearm.

Gun Belts by CrossBreed®  are made of two layers of top grain cowhide.  These two leathers are then stitched together, cross grain from each other, using recessed stitching to provide protection to the stitching from surface abrasions. Top this off with Chicago Screws and a high quality Roller Buckle and you will have a top quality belt to ensure your holster and firearm are securely in place at all times. The finished belts are available in 1.25” and 1.5” width and just under 1/4 inch thick.

Available options include standard flat leather or attractive basket weave, and optional Velcro lining for use with our V-Clips for complete IWB conceal-ability. The final result is a thick, strong belt offering superior support for your gun and holster while being supple and flexible for comfortable, everyday wear. All belts come with our unmatched two-week try it free guarantee.

How to determine your belt size:
1.) Do not use your waist measurement or pants size. Instead, use a belt you already own for measurement
2.) Measure, in inches, the length of your belt from the end touching the buckle to the hole that you use. (Measure the belt part only, do not include the buckle itself in your measurement.)
3.) For those planning to carry IWB for the first time, we suggest adding two inches to this measurement. If you currently carry IWB and plan to continue, no added length is needed.

We are happy to assist you with belt options and sizing questions, please see the video posted in the Belt Sizing tab or call our customer service department at 888-732-5011.

 **TWO WEEK FREE TRIAL – If you are not completely satisfied with your belt, you can return it for a full refund (less shipping and handling) within two weeks of receiving your order.

**SIZING ERRORS - If a sizing error occurs you can exchange the belt within your two week free trial period for the correct size.

**BELT ADJUSTMENT – After the two week free trial, there is a charge of $25.00 to have a belt cut down to a smaller size. “The adjustment must be 4 inches or more”

**Lifetime warranty does not apply to Belts by CrossBreed®


Product Size: 7.25" x 1.50" x 9.00"
Product Weight: 11.0 ounces

To order the correct belt size, please measure the belt you are currently using as follows: DO: Measure the belt from the fold where the buckle attaches, to the hole that you wear it in. The remainder of the belt is not considered for measurement purposes. DO NOT: ...include the buckle length in your measurement ...measure your belt from end to end ...State your waist size or pant size Doing any of these will result in the wrong measurement.

IWB Holster Users: If you are not currently carrying an inside the waistband holster, but plan to use your new belt as an IWB carry belt you WILL need to add two inches. If you are currently carrying an inside the waistband holster with your current belt, you will NOT need to add two inches to that measurement. When we make your belt, we will use the measurement you give us to create your belt so that the distance from the fold where the buckle attaches, to the center hole equals your measurement. For example, if you order a 40” belt, it will measure 40” from the fold where the buckle attaches, to the center hole. CrossBreed® belts have seven holes are spaced 1” apart. Please follow the directions above for correct sizing.