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Cartersville, Georgia
January 01 2017
My husband encouraged me to purchase the Modular Belly Band system because nothing else has worked for me to be able to conceal carry when I run/hike or when I am at work. I am very short through the midriff with a tiny waist and unless I can layer clothing items, it is almost impossible for me to carry my weapon. I decided to try the Modular Belly Band and I am totally impressed. I carry a Walther PPS M2 and an extra magazine every time I run, go to the store, go to work, etc. With the way the band finishes strapping over the weapon and magazine, there is no imprint and no one knows it is there. I always wear an undershirt underneath it because the edges can sometimes dig in if I don't and because I wear a buttoned shirt for work and I can unbutton when I leave so I have easier access to my weapon, still without anyone being able to see any of the system. I ordered the additional straps for extra support and to secure my PPS into the holster. There is absolutely no flop to this system: where I place it is where it stays, whether running, hiking, or moving around at work (stretching to reach things, carrying items, bending or squatting down to reach things at lower levels). I started out by wearing the system at home for an hour or two at a time and then as I adjusted to the feel of it and figured out where it fit me best, I started wearing it out to the store or on other errands. The first time I wore it running, it was so comfortable, I didn't even notice it. No bounce, nothing intrusive, no digging, no movement. It stayed right where I put it. Before wearing it to work, I tested it out around the house in my work uniform, reaching, squatting, bending, etc., to test for any imprint. Once comfortable that I would be able to completely conceal it, I wore it to work for the first time for about a 6 hour shift. Again, no movement, no digging, no sloppiness to it. It stayed right next to my body. I have been wearing it to work now for a good two months and I wear it every time I run errands. To date, the longest I have worn it is for 11 hours straight. At 10 hours, I started feeling like it was time to take it off and by the time I got home I was ready for it to come off, but 11 hours is quite some time to wear a belly band and I am impressed by the comfort of it. One word of caution...when carrying in a vehicle, be aware of where your seat belt is and keep it out of the way or you won't be able to get to your weapon. Also, I carry a Maxpedition pack that goes over one shoulder while the bag sits on the other side. I have to be careful how I position the pack when I am wearing the Modular Belly Band because the strap of the pack crosses right over the top of my weapon if I am not careful. Again, important to pay attention to if you want to be able to reach your weapon. I highly recommend this product, especially to someone looking for a way to carry while out running or someone who has a specific work uniform that is not conducive to carrying on the hip either inside or outside the waistband.