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Modular Systems

Bedside Backup BB

Bedside Backup

The Bedside Backup is an essential piece of equipment in keeping your home secure. Our unique design offers a modular and sec ... read more
Modular Belly Band MODBB

Modular Belly Band

Continuing to expand our line of alternative methods of carrying concealed and doing it comfortably, CrossBreed® Holsters ... read more
Small Purse Defender ALTSPD

Small Purse Defender

The Small Purse Defender is designed to fit in your smaller handbags. The Velcro®lined Kydex panel fits securely in your ... read more
Ohai Modular Holster MODO

Ohai Modular Holster

The Ohai is a vast improvement over the floppy, cloth or nylon holsters found in CCW bags. It provides positive retention and ... read more
Last Ditch ALTLD

Last Ditch

Designed at the direct request of several law enforcement officers, the last ditch allows the uniformed police officer to car ... read more
RAM* Flat Surface Mount RAMFSM

RAM* Flat Surface Mount

Carrying a firearm is a personal choice. Once you make that choice, having your firearm with you and accessible provides you ... read more
RAM* Handle Bar Mount RAMHBM

RAM* Handle Bar Mount

Carrying a firearm is a personal choice and once you have made that choice having your firearm with you and accessible provid ... read more
RAM* Round Base w/ 1” Ball Mount RAMRBM

RAM* Round Base w/ 1” Ball Mount

CrossBreed® Holsters has combined our innovative Modular holsters with the safe and secure RAM* mounting system, resultin ... read more

RAM* Mount (Assembly Only)

With our recent introduction of the RAM* Mount Modular Holster system, we understand that you may already own one of our Modu ... read more
Bedside Backup (Assembly Only) BBAO

Bedside Backup (Assembly Only)

Assembly Only. All Modular Holsters and Modular Mag carriers can be used on the Bedside Backup Assembly. Our unique design ... read more