SuperTuck® Deluxe STD

SuperTuck® Deluxe

The revolutionary CrossBreed® SuperTuck®  is the most comfortable and concealable inside the waistband (IWB) hol ... read more
MiniTuck® MT


The cleverly designed CrossBreed® MiniTuck® features the same comfort and concealability as the larger SuperTuck® ... read more
Appendix Carry IWBAC

Appendix Carry

The Appendix Carry Holster is designed for popular small to medium firearms and has no cant so it can be worn on the front si ... read more
SnapSlide OWBSNS


The SnapSlide is an outside of the waistband holster designed to keep your firearm close to your body.  This belt slid ... read more
Light Defender Series Holster LDS

Light Defender Series Holster

**CURRENTLY AVAILABLE ONLY IN RIGHT HAND DRAW WITH COMBAT CUT** The Light Defender Series Holster is a quality hybrid kyde ... read more
QwikClip IWBQC


The QwikClip is a great rig designed for easier on and off. It features a single wide clip which slips over the belt and pant ... read more
Ohai Modular Holster MODO

Ohai Modular Holster

The Ohai is a Modular holster that is hand molded to your firearm and backed with velcro so it can be mounted on various surf ... read more
SuperSlide OWBSUS


The SuperSlide is an outside of the waistband 3 slot holster that can be worn in one of two positions. Most common is the s ... read more
CrossBreed® Virtus Series - Sapientia Edition

Virtus Series - Sapientia Edition

The Sapientia is the first holster of the Virtus Series, a collaborative endeavor between Jason Winnie Leathergoods and Cross ... read more
Women's Appendix Carry Holster WAPH

Women's Appendix Carry Holster

With softer leather and smoother corners, the Women's Appendix Holster was designed specifically with the female body in mind ... read more
Purse Defender ALTPD

Purse Defender

Another member of the CrossBreed Modular family: The Purse Defender is designed to go inside your favorite purse or hand bag, ... read more
Small Purse Defender ALTSPD

Small Purse Defender

Another member of the CrossBreed Modular family: The Small Purse Defender is designed to go inside your favorite purse or han ... read more
Cargo Pocket Rocket PRCH

Cargo Pocket Rocket

The Cargo Pocket Rocket is a larger version of our popular Pocket Rocket and is designed to holster a medium size, single sta ... read more
MiniSlide OWBMS


The CrossBreed® MiniSlide is intended to offer the user a close riding, very concealable Outside The Waistband (OWB) opti ... read more
MicroClip IWBMC


The MicroClip is a single clip design IWB holster weighing less than 4 oz. This allows it to offer a minimum footprint at max ... read more
Pocket Rocket ALTPR

Pocket Rocket

The Pocket Rocket provides a safe carry for your pocket pistol. The leather backer is placed in your pocket, facing out, whic ... read more
Last Ditch ALTLD

Last Ditch

Designed at the direct request of several law enforcement officers, the Last Ditch allows the uniformed police officer to car ... read more


Expanding on the popular Ohai Modular Holster, CrossBreed® Holsters now offers the MaxOhai specifically designed for the ... read more


CrossBreed® Holsters' MaxSlide will allow you to carry your Taurus Judge or S&W Governor in comfort and style. ... read more
SuperTuck® Concealed Carry Pack - 15% Discount COMBOCCP-ST

SuperTuck® Concealed Carry Pack - 15% Discount

The SuperTuck® Concealed Carry Pack combines three of CrossBreed's most sought after items-- together for a 15% discount! ... read more