Our Commitment

We continue to be blessed with amazing customers, just like you, who choose our products to meet their conceal and carry needs.

If you're like us, you probably think communication is a big deal.

And you'd probably like to be clued in to when and why your holster ships when it does. Thirty seconds reading this page you'll be in the know on both.

Your Timeline

First we hand select your leather. A thorough detailed inspection follows and every piece that fails in any way to meet our incredibly high standards is discarded.

The pocket (Kydex) portion of the holster is then hand fit to your specific weapon. Unlike others, we never use a mechanical vacuum which forms a generic pocket. Our craftsman then hand fit the pocket to the leather backer, making certain the exact angle of cant is achieved. Perfect weapon retention is verified by hand.

A final inspection confirms that your holster is worthy of being called a Crossbreed Holster.

One more set of hands packages your holster and double checks your address. After all the effort, we want to be sure it shows up where you want it!

Now Shipping...

We are currently shipping all orders at under two weeks, with most orders shipping closer to one week.

We are confident that once you receive your order and work with us in the future you will find we are a great company to work with for years to come that offers more than a quality product but unmatched customer service.

Expedite Shipping

The Expedite Craftsmanship program includes crafting your holster and shipping USPS priority mail within 48 hours of receiving the order. Expedite orders placed Friday through Sunday will be shipped on the following Monday. The expedite selection is available on all items except dress belts. Please contact Customer Service at 888-732-5011 for more information regarding our expedite program.